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Europe - Head Office, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Africa - Johannesburg Office, South Africa
Asia Pacific - Kuala Lumpur Office, Malaysia
Middle East - Dubai Office, U.A.E
North America - New york Metro Office, U.S.A
South America - Montevideo Office, Uruguay
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    Contact Us

    Contact Information

    ICCA Head Office / Regional Offices
    The ICCA Head Office is based in the Netherlands. ICCA also has regional offices in Africa, Asia/Pacific, Latin American, Middle East and North America. If you have any questions about ICCA please contact one of the offices or contacts listed below. The ICCA Head Office and Regional Offices can also be visited from 09.00 - 17.00 hrs. Please make an appointment.

    ICCA Head Office
    Alpha Tower, De Entree 57, 1101 BH Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Phone +31 20 398 1919 Fax: +31 20 699 0781
    Email ICCA Head Office

    ICCA Africa Office
    Esmare Steinhofel, Regional Director Africa
    PostNet Suite #112, Private Bag X15, Somerset West, 7129, South Africa
    Mobile +27 84 056 5544 Email ICCA Africa Office

    ICCA Global Research Centre | Asia Pacific Office
    Noor Ahmad Hamid, Regional Director Asia Pacific
    Suite 7.03, PJ Tower, Amcorp Trade Centre, 18 Persiaran Barat, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
    Phone +60 3 7955 3343 Fax +60 3 7955 3348 Email ICCA Asia Pacific Office

    ICCA Latin America and Caribbean Office
    Santiago González, Regional Director Latin America and Caribbean
    Plaza Independencia 759, Oficina 856, UY-11100 Montevideo, Uruguay
    Phone/Fax +598 2 9011807 Email ICCA Latin America Office

    ICCA Middle East Office
    Senthil Gopinath, Regional Director Middle East
    Dubai Association Centre, Office 24, Level 7, Sheikh Rashid Tower, P O Box 9204,
    Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, UAE

    Phone +97 156 577 8535  Email

    ICCA North America Office
    Joanne H. Joham, Regional Director North America
    Box 6833, US- Freehold, New Jersey 07728-6833, U.S.A. 
    Phone +1 732 8516603 Fax +1 732 8516584 Email ICCA North America Office

    ICCA Staff




    Martin Sirk

    Gerard Arents

    Maarten van der Laan

    Arthur Steevensz

    +31 20 398 1903 +31 20 398 1907 +31 20 398 1969 +31 20 398 1911
    Chief Executive Financial Controller Financial IT Manager 
    Officer   Administration Officer  

    Siemen Greeuw

    Patricia Soen

    Claire Jackson

    Ronaldo Cardano

    +31 20 398 1966 +31 20 398 1904 +31 20 398 1905 +31 20 398 1967
    System Administrator Director Manager Chapter and Sector
      Membership Member-Association Relations Executive



    Irena Jelenova

    Ksenija Polla Dennis Speet


    +31 20 398 1906 +31 62 260 7333 +31 20 398 1916  
    Membership  Director Director  
    Development Association Relations Marketing & Sales  



    Mathijs Vleeming

    Sebastian Sew



    +31 20 398 1962 +31 20 398 1963    
    Communication  Business     
    Strategist Opportunities Advisor    

    Rebecca Wilson


    Zyrah Montebon

    Mieke van Loenen

    Rebecca Wilson  
    +31 20 398 1908 +31 20 398 1902 +31 20 398 1912  
    Marketing Executive Director Events Events Executive  

    Sina Bünte Marco van Itterzon

    Paula Ko

    Donatella Pace
    +31 20 398 1961 +31 20 398 1914 +31 20 398 1915 +31 20 398 1913
    Events Executive Director Manager ICCA Data ICCA Data Research
      Research Research Executive


    Willy Cortus Clyde Viegas Tim Schwartzman  
    +31 20 398 1900 +31 20 398 1901 +31 20 398 1965  

    ICCA Data Research

    ICCA Data Research

    ICCA Data Research


    Executive / 


    Education Officer      

    Joanne Joham Monica Pataki Santiago González Virginia Rubio
    +1 732 851 6603 +1 732 851 6603 +598 2 901 1824 +598 2 901 1807  
    Regional Director Membership Regional Director Membership
    North America Development Latin America and  Development 
      Manager Caribbean Manager
       North America    Latin America

    Noor Ahmad Hamid Nusheena Mohd Shahimi Margaret Lu Kwai Ting
    Regional Director Membership Membership
    Asia Pacific Development Development
        Executive Manager
        Asia Pacific Asia Pacific

    Kavitha Pragalathan Gomagan Gopalakrishnan Almy Marliana Abdul Naimah Nasarudin
    +60 3 7955 3343      
    Manager ICCA Data ICCA Data Research ICCA Data Research ICCA Data Research
    Research Executive Executive Executive
    Asia Pacific Asia Pacific Asia Pacific Asia Pacific

    Yasmin Hazirah David Bodor Esmare Steinhofel  Senthil Gopinath
    ICCA Data Desk Regional Director  Regional Director  Regional Director
    Researcher Europe Africa  Middle East
    Asia Pacific      


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